Our Story

Who We Are

Hey you, we are Morgan + Danielle!

We met in high school, fell in love, got married at Big Traverse Bay, and now have three beautiful daughters.

Our careers began in larger cities (Morgan an engineer and Danielle a nurse) but we knew early on that we wanted to return to our rural roots. We chose to start our marriage moving to Michigan’s Keweenaw in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with purpose. The most spectacular day hikes and views not only surround us but inspire and call us to get out into nature! A place where hardware stores close at 5 pm, where restaurants celebrate your birth by providing you a free birthday meal, where shopping is limited, and therefore the constant pressure to buy and consume are lessened. We love where we live and plan to spend the rest of our days at the most magical place on Earth, the Keweenaw.

Living Simply

Life can be busy, sometimes it feels like busyness is actually encouraged. Living where we do has inspired us to be intentional, live simply, and get outside, no matter what the weather has in store. At the end of the day we want to live our best life and we can honestly say we are doing just that! We are making the effort to truly treasure every moment while living a simpler, slower life. It is not easy, it is a choice that we keep choosing.

Our Dream Property

We bought our dream property on Lake Superior in 2020 and gave it a refresh in 2021 turning it into Up with the Sun Cottage. The focus of this refresh is to create a relaxing atmosphere designed to highlight a delightful and unique way of living. We cannot wait to share the ever lovely, simple charm of our favorite little spot!